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Our democracy depends on all of us, and it relies on voters like you trusting that your vote counts.

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We’re working every day for voters like you

so you can have justified confidence in our elections – and we’re counting on you to support our work to make our elections more transparent, secure and verifiable in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

Opportunities for election transparency, security and verifiability exist at every step of the elections process – from national education and outreach to state lawmakers and the local election officials in your community – and we’re working for voters everywhere:


Our country is stronger if voters know where they can turn to find reliable information on how the nuts and bolts of how our elections work. We’re pushing back against disinformation that threatens to undermine our democracy using our trusted, nonpartisan resources about casting, counting, and auditing votes.


Improvements to election administration often start at the state level. We’re advocating for voter-verified paper ballots across the map, providing expert advice on true statewide post-election audits, and pushing back against dangerously risky internet voting proposals.


Our elections are run at the local level. We’re there for election officials across the country – on the ground and virtually – with advice on risk-limiting audits and other measures, and we share their stories of working for voters in their communities.

Our democracy depends on all of us, and it relies on
voters like you trusting that your vote counts.

We’re working for voters.
Can we count on you?

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A strong and healthy democracy depends on the security of our elections. Join us and help ensure that every vote counts.

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